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PopNeuron Introduces Hextron 1000: The Future of Tabletop Hexapods

In a world where innovation is key to progress, PopNeuron emerges as a trailblazer in the realm of robotics and precision engineering. By combining cutting-edge technology with a deep respect for classic and time-proven designs, PopNeuron has introduced the Hextron 1000 – a modern and innovative tabletop Hexapod that promises to revolutionize various industries. PopNeuron’s […]

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PopNeuron LLC Unveils Cost-Effective Tabletop Hexapods: Ushering in a New Era of Innovation

Innovative tools company PopNeuron LLC is making waves once again with the launch of its highly anticipated product line: cost-effective tabletop hexapods. Designed to offer advanced robotic capabilities at an affordable price point, these hexapods are set to revolutionize various industries, from education and research to automation and entertainment. PopNeuron LLC’s commitment to driving innovation […]

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PopNeuron LLC’s Revolutionary In-vitro Slice and Recording Chambers for Advancing Patch Clamp Studies on Brain Slices

PopNeuron LLC, a pioneer in neuroscience research solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest product line: in-vitro slice and recording chambers. This comprehensive line of chambers has been specifically developed to support patch clamp studies on brain slices, bringing innovative advancements to the field. PopNeuron’s new product line includes multiple types of […]

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PopNeuron LLC Publishes New Mini-Series on Optogenetics

We are excited to announce that PopNeuron LLC, a leading company in the field of neuroscience and brain research tools, has just released their second mini-series on their YouTube channel. This new series focuses on optogenetics and introduces their innovative -and free- Optogenetics APP. Optogenetics is a cutting-edge technique that allows researchers to control neuronal […]

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PopNeuron launches its YouTube channel with a mini-series on patch clamp and the intricates of slice physiology. 

The patch clamp technique, a cornerstone of electrophysiology, has revolutionized our understanding of neuronal activity. One vital aspect of this technique involves working with brain slices to examine the workings of individual neurons in amazing detail. However, maintaining the viability of brain slices poses a unique challenge. To support researchers in this endeavor, we are […]

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PopNeuron LLC Goes Live: Launches A YouTube Channel to Bridge Neuroscience Research and Global Audience

We are excited to announce that PopNeuron LLC, ever committed to driving innovation and education in the field of neuroscience, has launched an educational YouTube channel. This channel will not only give researchers and scientists in-depth understanding of modern techniques applied in neuroscience research like patch-clamp, stereotaxic navigation, and optogenetics but also take the broader […]

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Cultivating Innovation: PopNeuron LLC Relocates to Enterprise CoWorking Technology Incubator

In a move set to inspire innovation and foster collaborative opportunities, PopNeuron LLC, a leading entity in the neuroscience technology realm, has recently relocated to a new workspace at Enterprise CoWorking, a state-of-the-art technology incubator. PopNeuron LLC has been actively bridging the gap between neuroscience and technology with its groundbreaking approaches and solutions. Recognizing the […]

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PopNeuron LLC Secures Brain Light Scattering IP from the University of Colorado

In an exciting development within the field of neuroscience, PopNeuron LLC has successfully acquired the licensing rights to technology that models light scattering in the brain. Developed by researchers at the University of Colorado, the Optogenetics App is a groundbreaking product offering a comprehensive platform for conducting optogenetic experiments. Optogenetics refers to the use of […]

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