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Pop Art Meets Neuroscience

Who is PopNeuron

PopNeuron LLC is the beacon of innovation in the realm of neuroscience research. Our foundation is deeply rooted in research, enabling us to understand and cater to the nuanced demands of the scientific community. We are not just a tool provider; we are partners in pioneering discoveries, with our state-of-the-art equipment designed to usher in groundbreaking advancements in neuroscience. By uniquely amalgamating electrophysiology recordings, optical and electrical neural stimulation techniques, neural signal processing, machine learning, digital and analog circuit design, robotic automation, 3D computer vision, and computational modeling, we offer solutions unmatched in quality and precision. As we eye the future, our focus on areas like small animal robotic brain surgeries and neural signal processing underscores our commitment to staying ahead, ensuring that researchers are equipped with only the best tools available. At PopNeuron, we believe in shaping the future of neuroscience, one innovation at a time.

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Progressing the realms of neuroscience research, advanced technology, and precision tooling to further enhance the reliability and function of advanced brain research tools, PopNeuron is the premier producer in neuroscience lab devices and Software, including Optogenetics, Neuronavigation, and in-vitro physiology.

PopNeuron is dedicated to Research, Development, and Exploration.

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The art of PopNeuron, fondly dubbed “PopN!”, stands as a creative testament to the influence of the iconic Pop Art movement of the late 1960s and 1970s. Drawing inspiration from legendary artists like Andy Warhol and Keith Haring, PopN! art uniquely blends the intricate world of neuroscience with the vibrant essence of popular culture. This fusion is vividly represented through a kaleidoscope of imagery, interpretations, and a bold use of primary colors, some of which intriguingly mirror the light spectrum used in PopNeuron’s lab research. PopN! art isn’t just about visual appeal; it’s crafted with the underlying rule that it should provoke thought. Each piece is a cerebral concoction of scientific elements and pop culture icons, challenging viewers to delve deeper into the intersection of these two worlds. Whether it’s through striking brain motifs enveloped in bold lines and dots, or neurons portrayed with the flamboyant flair of a Warhol painting, PopN! art embodies an intellectual playground, engaging the mind as much as it delights the eye.

PopNeuron Logo wide Color

The bright yellow brain emblem, wrapped in a line symbolizing connection and innovation, mirrors the pathways of a PCB trace. This imagery reflects PopNeuron’s commitment to pioneering advances in both neuroscience and electrical engineering. Drawing inspiration from Pop Artist Keith Haring, the line intersects meticulously across the brain’s dural creases, highlighting the brain’s intricate compartmentalization. Moreover, the carefully chosen hues of blue and yellow align with the specific spectrum employed in PopNeuron’s optogenetic tools, harmonizing the logo with the company’s cutting-edge applications.

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PopNeuron alternative logo
PopNeuron alternative logo
PopNeuron alternative logo
PopNeuron alternative logo
PopNeuron alternative logo