In an exciting development within the field of neuroscience, PopNeuron LLC has successfully acquired the licensing rights to technology that models light scattering in the brain. Developed by researchers at the University of Colorado, the Optogenetics App is a groundbreaking product offering a comprehensive platform for conducting optogenetic experiments. Optogenetics refers to the use of light to control cells in living tissue, typically neurons, which have been genetically modified to express light-sensitive ion channels. The App advances this manipulative technique, providing a simple and readily accessible interface for the triggering, coordination, and measurement of light signals within neural networks.

Accurate knowledge about light scattering properties of various brain tissue types is a prerequisite to the conduction of successful manipulations with optogenetic tools. In short, optogenetics allows for the manipulation of neural activity with light. To do this successfully, light must be delivered to neural tissue, typically via optical fibers. Once the light exits the optical fiber, the brain tissue’s  specific scattering coefficient determines how far the light spreads for how easily it can activate the light sensitive proteins which mediate optogenetic interventions. The licensed technology includes accurate and comprehensive scattering coefficients of an entire mouse brain. PopNeuron integrated these data into an APP which is provided to the neuroscience community free of charge through Apple’s APP store. There are two versions, Optogenetics and Optogenetic Pro, which differ only in the number of brain atlas plates included in the APP. The “regular” version includes just a few of the most commonly used brain atlas plates, while the “Pro” version includes a comprehensive mouse brain atlas. 

This remarkable milestone underscores the drive for expanding the capabilities and utilization of optogenetic technology in modern neuroscience research.

PopNeuron LLC, a prominent and innovative player in the neuroscience space, is renowned for accelerating the progress of neuroscience research through the use and development of cutting-edge technologies. The acquisition of the Optogenetics App aligns perfectly with the priority that PopNeuron places on applying technology to improve neuroscience study and examine complex brain processes.