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PopNeuron LLC Publishes New Mini-Series on Optogenetics

We are excited to announce that PopNeuron LLC, a leading company in the field of neuroscience and brain research tools, has just released their second mini-series on their YouTube channel. This new series focuses on optogenetics and introduces their innovative -and free- Optogenetics APP. Optogenetics is a cutting-edge technique that allows researchers to control neuronal […]

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firefly tissue in a dish with glass electrode

PopNeuron launches its YouTube channel with a mini-series on patch clamp and the intricates of slice physiology. 

The patch clamp technique, a cornerstone of electrophysiology, has revolutionized our understanding of neuronal activity. One vital aspect of this technique involves working with brain slices to examine the workings of individual neurons in amazing detail. However, maintaining the viability of brain slices poses a unique challenge. To support researchers in this endeavor, we are […]

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