We are excited to announce that PopNeuron LLC, a leading company in the field of neuroscience and brain research tools, has just released their second mini-series on their YouTube channel. This new series focuses on optogenetics and introduces their innovative -and free- Optogenetics APP.

Optogenetics is a cutting-edge technique that allows researchers to control neuronal activity using light. By introducing light-sensitive proteins into specific brain areas, researchers can activate or inhibit neurons with precise control. This method has opened up new possibilities for understanding brain function and treating neurological disorders.

In their mini-series, PopNeuron LLC dives into the principles behind optogenetics and showcases how their Optogenetics APP can help researchers design and optimize their experiments. The app calculates light scattering for various brain areas, providing crucial information on the light intensity needed for effective stimulation.

With this new tool, researchers can streamline the planning process for their optogenetic studies and ensure accurate and reproducible results. The Optogenetics APP offers a user-friendly interface and detailed simulations, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced researchers in the field.

PopNeuron LLC’s commitment to advancing neuroscience research is evident in their dedication to providing innovative solutions for the scientific community. Through their mini-series on optogenetics and the Optogenetics APP, they aim to empower researchers with the tools they need to push the boundaries of knowledge in neuroscience.

Stay tuned for more updates from PopNeuron LLC as they continue to drive progress in the field of optogenetics and beyond. Subscribe to their YouTube channel and be part of the journey towards unlocking the mysteries of the brain.