PopNeuron Developing In-Vitro Slice and Recording Chamber
Clients: PopNeuron
Date: 02/22/2024

In the ever-evolving field of neuroscience research, innovations that enhance experimental precision and efficiency are crucial for advancing our understanding of the brain. PopNeuron, a pioneering company at the forefront of neurophysiology tools, is set to revolutionize in-vitro slice physiology and patch clamp studies with their cutting-edge recording chamber technology.

PopNeuron’s upcoming recording chamber is specifically designed to optimize brain slice physiology experiments by featuring ultra-low bath volumes that are ideal for use with rare and expensive pharmacological agents. Initially licensed from the University of Colorado, the chamber is currently undergoing additional development to further conserve the required amount of artificial cerebrospinal fluid (ACSF), a key component in maintaining healthy brain slices during experiments.

What sets PopNeuron’s recording chamber apart is its thoughtful design that not only prioritizes experimental precision but also user convenience. The chamber is part of a larger ecosystem of compatible holders and air table mounts, allowing researchers to seamlessly integrate it into their existing setup. This holistic approach ensures that researchers can focus on their experiments without worrying about compatibility issues or equipment limitations.

Moreover, PopNeuron is addressing the needs of investigators who require customized solutions by developing a streamlined process for manufacturing special orders. This flexibility allows researchers to tailor their equipment to meet specific experimental requirements, ultimately enhancing the quality of their data and results.

The release of PopNeuron’s ultra-low volume recording chamber is highly anticipated for spring 2024, with additional components of the ecosystem scheduled to follow shortly thereafter. This phased approach reflects PopNeuron’s commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions that meet the diverse needs of the neuroscience community.

As PopNeuron continues to push the boundaries of neurophysiology tools, their innovative products are poised to empower researchers and drive groundbreaking discoveries in the field of neuroscience. Stay tuned for the exciting advancements that 2024 will bring as PopNeuron redefines the standard for in-vitro slice physiology and patch clamp studies.